Training with Jen

I offer personal training, customized and periodized to YOU.  I design programs for every single client from scratch after meeting with them, reviewing their confidential health & fitness questionnaire and performing a fitness assessment.  From the moment you hire me, I’m putting in time developing your program.   For most individuals, it also makes sense to have nutrition-health coaching bundled in with your training program since it all fits hand-in-hand.   Everyone’s goals are different and you likely have multiple areas you need to work on and that is where a qualified trainer comes in – to make sure you have the right program design and you progress.   Our bodies are amazing – they adapt.  You cannot do the same training program over and over – it has to progress and keep you challenged.

I’m in the Franklin (Simpson County), KY area.   I can train you in a commercial gym (Medical Center-Orthopedics Plus Physical Therapy or Harvey’s Gym), your equipped home gym, or I can come to your home (or other approved location) with the tools needed for your training. I’m also available to train you in a hybrid, online and home gym environment.

$100 is my fee to get me on board as your trainer.  That fee includes my review of your confidential health & fitness questionnaire, initial 1.5 hour session that will include a fitness assessment that will establish the baseline of how I will design your training program, the design/writing of your training program.

My monthly rate will be based on your program design, whether the training will take place at the gym or if I will be traveling to your home and how many days per week you want to have me work with you 1:1, if you’d like to add nutrition coaching to your program, or if you’d like to work on your own with your custom designed program and have me update your program every 4 – 6 weeks.  Every program is customized to the individual.   In general, monthly rates will range between $105 – $500.

Do you have 1 – 3 friends, co-workers, etc. who have similar goals?  Small group personal training may be a great option for you.   I offer small group personal training for up to 3  individuals in a single session.   The group shares the cost.

I also offer single Metabolic-Resistance training (MRT) sessions that are shorter duration (30 – 45 minutes) and  higher-intensity that are a great way to add an extra boost of conditioning to your fitness program.  These MRT sessions are $25 for current personal training clients or $35 for stand-alone sessions.