Coaching with Jen

Helping adults lead happier and healthier lives – that is what gets me up and out of bed each morning ~  JEN

I offer one-one-one Coaching utilizing video conferencing to break down the obstacle of our having a “proximity problem”.   I’m a habit change specialist who is passionate about educating and supporting individuals in making sustainable, realistic changes to how they eat and move  – now and throughout the rest of their lives.   I offer education, support, and guidance on how to create a way of eating and moving that works for YOU.

Coaching opportunities:

  • Chronic health conditions that can be improved with behavior modification such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Metabolic syndrome, Liver disease
  • Habit change Coaching for bariatric patients before and after surgery
  • Older adults who want to shore up their health now so they can be independent, healthier and happier for the rest of their lives because “ain’t nobody got time for frail”
  • Adults with joint or mobility realities who need help finding a way of getting movement and activity into their lives
  • “Road Warriors” such as truck drivers who are seeking better health and fitness despite being in an industry that places obstacles in their path –  I can help you navigate and crush those obstacles
  • Anyone who needs education, support, guidance and their very own “guide on the side” to make changes to how they eat and move to improve their body, mind and spirit

How Does it Work?

  • It starts with a Chat.   Reach out to me and I will schedule us a 30 minute “Get With It” session to discuss your obstacles, your goals and how Coaching may benefit you.  During this chat, we will determine if we are a good fit for each other and move forward, or not, from there.
  • If you hire me as your Coach, I will deliver a confidential Wellness Questionnaire to you via email that you will complete and return to me for review.  If appropriate and applicable, I will work with any  direction and goals that your medical practitioner has established for you and that you need Coaching around.
    • We will then have our initial Coaching session wherein we will formulate an action plan.  We will also establish the frequency of Coaching, which may change as we progress.  For example, weekly sessions may initially be needed which may change to bi-weekly or even monthly.  Everyone’s Coaching experience will be different because it is customized to YOU.
    • I provide handouts, notebooks and other materials and links to resources that support our work together and your action plan

What are my Fees?

  • That initial  30 minute Get With It session is provided at no charge to you
  • The in-depth Initial session that includes my review of your Wellness Questionnaire, formulation of an initial action plan & initial coaching session   $150.
  • At the end of this initial session, we will decide together how future coaching sessions need to be structured for you.  Maybe you need a quick check-in weekly and a longer session/s bi-weekly or monthly.  You may want to combine coaching with a customized fitness plan. We will decide together what will be best based upon your overall action plan.

How to Get Started?

  • Just reach out to me!  Send me an email message via the CONTACT option on my homepage Menu