Group Fitness Classes

I currently lead 2 group fitness classes during the week via ZOOM. My goal is for you to leave my classes feeling energized, glad that you took the time for yourself and feeling better in Body. Mind. Spirit.

My classes are different from what you may typically think “exercise classes” are. We don’t jump nor are there any movements that are high impact or stressful to your joints. The classes can be higher or lower intensity – you control the intensity and I coach you through it! I design my classes to be joint-friendly and suitable for anyone with current or past orthopedic concerns. If you have limited mobility due to age, obesity, orthopedic injuries or chronic illness – my classes are for YOU.  They are specially designed to provide a full-body workout focusing on flexibility, functional strength, cardiovascular fitness, core strength, balance, stability and posture. Participants are seated or standing; I coach everyone through modifications and progressions. Most importantly – we have FUN.IMG_4623

$5.00 per class. $35 unlimited monthly rate.

SilverSneakers® members attend these classes for FREE.  Check your eligibility at  I will need your SilverSneakers membership number to get you registered. 

Participants can be seated in a chair and/or standing; no work is performed on the floor; no jumping.  My classes are mobility assisted-device friendly!  I coach through modifications and progressions.    See you soon! 

Tuesday – Thursday-Saturday  9:30AM  Central


LOW IMPACT AEROBICS; RESISTANCE TRAINING; CHAIR YOGA   Improve functional strength, cardiovascular fitness and core strength & stability with low-impact cardio utilizing interval-circuit training (chair aerobics), full-body resistance training using bodyweight, resistance bands and/or dumbbell, and dynamic stretching with isometrics (Chair Yoga). 45-60 minute class.  The class is specially designed for all fitness levels and can be done seated in a chair or standing.