Group Fitness Classes

I currently lead 2 group fitness classes during the week every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 9:30 AM in Franklin, KY. My goal is for you to leave my classes feeling energized, glad that you took the time for yourself and feeling better in Body. Mind. Spirit.

$5.00 per class. $25 unlimited monthly rate.7462B80D-B9DE-40C8-A7F3-5B265B9361E9

SilverSneakers® members attend these classes for FREE.  Check your eligibility at  I will need your SilverSneakers membership number to get you registered. 

Participants can be seated in a chair and/or standing; no work is performed on the floor; no jumping or any high impact movement.  My classes are mobility assisted-device friendly. I coach through modifications and progressions.    See you soon! 

Tuesday & Thursday  9:30AM  Central @ LifePoint Church, 840 Witt Road, Franklin, KY. 


LOW IMPACT CARDIO; RESISTANCE TRAINING; STRETCHING; BALANCE & COORDINATION   Improve functional strength, cardiovascular fitness, core strength & stability, balance and coordination with low-impact cardio utilizing interval-circuit training (chair aerobics), full-body resistance training using bodyweight,  dumbbells, and dynamic stretching with isometrics.  60 minute class.  The class is specially designed for all fitness levels and can be done seated in a chair or standing.